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Security Guard Training

Posted May 16, 2018 by David Howell

The 5 Skills You’ll Learn in PWA’s  Security Guard  Training Courses

Security guard jobs are very appealing to those that have a natural desire to protect civilians, such as military veterans. Before stepping into the world of protecting people, however, it’s imperative that you know how to work with a sense of professionalism at all times. In truth, the training routines are arguably the most vital part of all, and the right security guard training courses will provide the perfect preparations.

At Pacific West Academy, all enrolled students will develop an array of skills built for all situations that you may encounter. By the time you’ve graduated, you’ll be ready to serve the public with authority and diligence at every turn. Best of all, the speedy nature and quick development allow you to reap those rewards in next to no time.

Here are just five of the key skills that will be gained from your  Security Guard Training course.

#1. Non Violent Management

When situations occur, you need to be ready to assert your authority. Nonetheless, the non violent approach should always be the preferred course of action. If it is possible to diffuse a situation without requiring the use of batons or other tools, this has to be the best solution. Not only does it prevent the perpetrator from getting aggressive, but it keeps the environment calmer for civilians.

The best security guard courses teach guards how to communicate with suspects in the smartest manner. A little psychology goes a long way in those situations, especially when you are able to successfully gain control of the situation. Once the power is in your hands, the next steps should feel far less stressful. Again, your mental stance can influence the reaction of others.

Non violent approaches won’t always work, but being able to utilize them in several situations will often separate the good security guards from the great. With training from Pacific West Academy, developing those communicational and psychological skills needed to thrive.

#2. Situation Management

Even when you naturally try to avoid them, physical confrontations are inevitable in this line of work. When this is the case, knowing how to distract a perpetrator before disarming them is essential. Security guard courses should teach you how to do this with non lethal weapons as well as physical strength and smart tactics.

This may include learning to use a taser gun or O.C spray. When using those resources, it needs to be done in the right fashion, or else situations can escalate. Aside from learning the skills, gaining the certification puts new security guards in a far stronger position as they bid to keep environments safe. Whether it’s a school or a shopping mall, those capabilities are key.

Perhaps the most important aspect relating to this part of security guard work revolves around timing. Analyzing individual situations should mean diffusing situations before they escalate without unnecessarily using brute force. Get those elements right, and you’ll be ready to perform.

#3. Building Searches

Security guards will often have to enter situations where problems have already started. This could occur when providing backup as well as many other cases. These can be the most dangerous scenarios of all, so handling those tasks in an appropriate fashion is crucial. Our security guard courses provide the necessary skills and tools to do just that.

Having your flashlight and non-lethal weapons ready for action is vital, but you’ll also need to follow the right protocols when searching the premises. Otherwise, you could potentially bring harm to yourself as well as others. Undertaking various hypothetical situations will prepare you for the real life scenarios that you may encounter.

A security guard that is capable of keeping the building safe while dealing with the situation in an efficient manner will always thrive, even under immense pressure. If nothing else, having that confidence should prepare you for permanent employment.

#4. Report Writing

Handling the immediate danger and defusing a situation before it escalates will always be the most important aspect of the job. However, while completing this aspect will give you a chance to breathe a sigh of relief, it doesn’t signal the end of the work. Filing the full details of the incident is an equally crucial task that needs to be completed to the best possible standard.

Pacific West Academy prides itself on making this potentially tedious task feel more enjoyable. Most importantly, though, the security guard courses will equip you with the knowledge and experience to complete those post incident reports in the best manner. When the situation has been documented, it’ll protect both you and the company too.

Better still, learning how to file those details in an efficient manner enables guards to get back to the meat of the job far sooner. Besides, without those attributes, your capabilities as a security guard will forever stay limited.

#5. Staying Safe

While protecting civilians is the priority at all times, it’s still important to look after your personal safety too. Security guard courses include personal safety training, which builds upon the skills learned elsewhere, to ensure that you aren’t placed needlessly at threat. Once again, this can keep situations calmer for civilians they may be caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Personal safety requires being vigilant and diligent at all times. The ability to spot potential danger or scenarios before they materialize can only have a positive impact in the bid to keep yourself and others in the safest condition. This also includes knowing when to call for backup if the situation is becoming too much for you to handle alone.

After all, it’s impossible to protect civilians if you don’t first know how to protect yourself. Therefore, this can be considered a crucial part of the process. Pacific West Academy ensures that all students gain an appreciation of this fact.

The Final Word

If you’re looking to start a career in security, taking the right course is the first step en route to success. Book yourself onto a course today, and that dream job could become a reality in no time.

David Howell

Pacific West Academy Coordinator

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