Our management team has years of military, executive protection, education and customer service experience.

Pacific West Academy’s management team concept is that we can ask nothing of our students and graduates that we ourselves are unwilling to do.

  • PWA team oded krashinsky

    Oded Krashinsky

    Owner and CEO

    Mr. Krashinsky is a veteran lieutenant of one of the world’s most respected secret service special operations units. Having served with top-secret security clearance, he is specially trained in anti-terrorist tactics, multiple firearms and electronic counter-surveillance, threat analyses, risk assessments, emergency preparedness and crisis planning. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, personnel management, training and emerging technologies with strong physical security assessment and physical security planning expertise for chief executive officers and high net-worth private clients and families.

    He is recognized around the world for his unique implementation of defensive tactics and training to numerous protective details where he actively participated in advance preparations, logistical support and personal protection in both the U.S. and abroad.

    An expert security consultant, Mr. Krashinsky founded the company to provide a level of service to his clients above and beyond all others. He has over 20 years of hands-on experience in security operations, project planning, crisis consulting and management and has grow ASC operations into one of the industry’s leading multi-disciplined security services firms.

    His personal involvement in all aspects of ASC service delivery ensures that the highest standards are achieved and that no risk or threat is ever overlooked. He has been able to use his unique approach to take the security in the private sector to a new level.

  • team mark treston

    Mark Treston

    Chief Academic Officer

    Mark Treston joined ASC as the Chief Academic Officer to meet the growing needs of the Training Academy. Mr. Treston is responsible for the Training Academy division of ASC and its branches in San Diego and Tennessee. Mr. Treston has over 15 years of experience in education management and regulatory compliance. Having served as department chair for both secondary and postsecondary institutions, he has also been employed as director of a vocational college and Chief analytics officer (CAO) of two institutions of higher learning.

    A talented start-up manager, Mark has successfully established several colleges and universities, from developing the initial business plans, through navigating the complex requirements of state and federal regulatory bodies. Mr. Treston served in the Israel Defense Forces and taught at an elite military college in South Korea. Mr. Treston holds graduates degrees in Political Economy and Education.

  • team charlotte fpo

    Charlotte Krashinsky


    Mrs. Krashinsky is responsible for ASC’s financial planning, record keeping and financial reporting. She works closely with the company’s Certified Public Accounts and bookkeepers. Her decades of diverse corporate background span a broad spectrum of disciplines, including organization management, corporate development and business planning, debt and equity financing and mergers and acquisition.

  • team andrea monrroy

    Andrea Monrroy

    Director of Administration

    Ms. Monrroy is responsible for maintaining and supervising PWA's record keeping, admission and graduation requirements. Ms. Monrroy serves as a student advisor regarding academic plans, progress and educational policies. Her diverse background spans a broad spectrum of disciplines, including administrative services, and she coordinates supportive services with various agencies and school management. Ms. Monrroy is bilingual in English and Spanish.

  • team christina gulasarian

    Christina Gulasarian

    Student Services Coordinator

    Ms. Gulasarian, as Student Services Coordinator, is the liaison between PWA and all students. Ms. Gulasarian joined the ASC and PWA team on July 9, 2016. Her duties within Pacific West Academy include student recruitment and enrollment, student database/record keeping, and job placement services. Her professional background includes years of sales, staffing, office management, and client satisfaction, she has attended California State University Northridge, majoring in Business Law.