Operations Supervisor Training at Pacific West Academy.

Working as a security professional that’s tasked with protecting someone can be a very complicated job. There are endless skills and knowledge you need under your belt, and we’re here to help. With a range of excellent training courses for you to choose from, Pacific West Academy can help you learn how to be more effective and efficient in your role.

We currently offer a popular Executive Protection Operational & Supervisory Skills course. It teaches you everything you need to know about being an executive protection supervisor and how to execute security details. To learn more about this course, take a look at the information below:

Who is Operations Supervisor Training aimed at?

This particular course is perfect for anyone that holds a position as an executive security supervisor. Are you tasked with running various security details every day? If so, then this is an essential learning program for you. It will also be beneficial for anyone that wants to apply for this type of security role in the future.

A lot of the students on this course are ex-military or were once in the police force and have retired. Going into security work and becoming a bodyguard is an excellent choice if you used to work in either of these fields. With this training, you’ll get all the skills required to do this type of job.

What will you learn?

The whole aim of this course is to leave you in a position where you can plan out an entire security detail where everything runs smoothly. You’ll learn everything there is to know about planning it, executing it, and coping with any incidents that might happen.

Here is a list of the vital skills you will learn while on the course:

  • Fundamentals of Microsoft Office: you may not realize this, but all protection supervisors and security personnel need to have a firm grasp of the Microsoft Office software. This is because a lot of your security details will be planned out and displayed using Office, Excel or PowerPoint. If you can’t communicate things clearly and present them in a format that’s easy for people to see, then you’ll never do a good job.
  • Cyber Security: in this modern age there are more threats than ever before. Working in an executive capacity, it’s highly likely your client will be under threat from cybercriminals. As such, you’ll be taught how to handle these threats and the protective measures you need to take.
  • Operational Security: a key role of security personnel is being able to look at situations and use enemy intelligence against them. By learning operational security procedures, you’ll become an expert in assessing situations and responding to them effectively.
  • Detail Planning: you may go on various security details every week, and they need to be planned accordingly. This section of the course is dedicated to making sure you know how to prepare a detail thoroughly.
  • Detail Briefing: of course, you have to give a brief to the rest of your security team before you take your client wherever they need to be. As a consequence, you’ll be taught how to brief a team, so they know exactly what’s going down and everyone is assigned their individual roles.
  • The “Advance”: what happens when your executive client has been called to a meeting in a foreign location? You don’t know anything about the place, or what threats could be lurking. This is when you send in an Advance Team to scope out the area before your client comes along. You’ll undergo teaching that shows you how to conduct a security advance that ensures you keep your client as safe as can be.

Duration: 24 hours

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If you work in the security & protection industry, then you need to sign up for this course. It will teach you everything you need to know about conducting security details, running a security team, and ensuring your client is always protected. Give us a call, or send in an email, and we’ll answer any questions and help you sign up for the next available date!

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