CA Guard Card is the first step in pursuing a career in the security field.

Our California Guard Card course is certified through California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) and is AB2880- compliant. You will learn the basics from the following topics and receive state certification as a security officer. When it comes to the security industry, everyone has to start somewhere. We believe that our California Guard Card certification course is the perfect choice for all newcomers to the sector.

With a certification from Pacific West Academy, you will be able to work as a security guard. If you so wish, you may pursue further training to enhance your career prospects. When it comes to getting a good start, our Bureau of Security and Investigative Services-certified course is the absolute best choice.

California Guard Card Training Course Overview

The Pacific West Academy California Guard Card certification course is designed to provide all the information required to begin a career in the security industry. All the information provided on the course will help you to achieve certification. In the long run, it helps you enjoy a rewarding career as a security officer. Your learning commences with a thorough overview of the roles, responsibilities, and — most importantly — liabilities of a security officer who has obtained a California Guard Card certification. From there, you will learn the basics of the role, including information regarding patrolling, the management of documentation, and even customer service skills. The course also covers a number of additional areas so as to provide you with an in-depth knowledge base. This will allow you to fulfill your duties to the best of your abilities. You will receive guidance on first aid, as well as terrorism and weapons of mass destruction considerations. This course is comprehensive and detailed, without being overwhelming for newcomers. A California Guard Card certification is the first step on a route to a rewarding security career. Throughout your career, you will find the information you learn on this course beneficial.

Students will learn:

  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Liabilities of a security officer.
  • California guard card certification graduate.
  • Patrolling, documentation, basic first aid and customer service skills.
  • Terrorism and weapons of mass destruction considerations.


  • Must be 18 or older.
  • Free from all felony and some misdemeanor convictions (call for misdemeanor disqualifiers).
  • Pass a fingerprint check through the FBI and California DOJ.
  • Pass Written Examination.
  • Pass a Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire assessment.


  • California Guard Card Certified through BSIS

Duration: 8 hours

Why Choose Pacific West Academy

  • We are proud to be an Advanced Security Concepts, Inc (ASC) company. As specialists in Executive Protection and Specialized Training, ASC have built a reputation as one of the most reputable and capable security companies in the world. As well as Pacific West Academy in California, ASC have offices in Bulgaria, Israel, and Peru. They also have a 114-acre Tactical Training Center located in Tennessee. In terms of reputability in the security industry, ASC are tough to beat. You can thus be sure your training will be delivered by the absolute best of the best.
  • As you would expect from a company affiliated to ASC, Pacific West Academy has taken steps to secure approval from authorities. At the present time, we have received approval from both the Bureau for Private Secondary Education and the California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education. Additionally, the State of California has approved and named us as an Eligible Training Partner. These approvals should reassure you that we, as a provider, have been judged able to deliver high quality and expertise across our range of courses.
  • One of the reasons we have been able to enjoy the approval of the aforementioned regulatory bodies is the work of our instructors. All 14 of our instructors are highly experienced and certified. You can therefore be sure you are learning from genuine experts in their field. The expertise our instructors can offer will help to ensure you are able to fully comprehend and benefit from all the material you will learn as part of your course, which in turn should prepare you well for a future career in the security industry.

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