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It’s always important to continue your education and further your knowledge through job placement training. By learning how to operate in your line of work, and getting to grips with specific scenarios, it makes you a better individual and can help you find more jobs.

If you’re interested in any training courses for people in the security and protection services, then Pacific West Academy is the place for you. We have a broad range of training courses and programs that give you all the information and knowledge you need to be more effective in your position.

One of our most popular courses is the Behavioral Analysis – Conflict Resolution Training. If this is something you like the sound of, then carry on reading to find out exactly what’s included.

Who is Conflict Resolution Training aimed at?

This is a basic introductory course on how you should resolve conflict in regular situations that come up during the average day. As a result, it’s the perfect course for anyone with a position in security or protection. If you’re in this line of work, then you know there will always be little conflicts throughout the day. A school security guard may have to deal with children as young as kindergarten through to 12th grade, and it’s vital you know how to resolve any conflicts that crop up in a busy environment like this. The same goes for personal bodyguards that meet conflict situations on a daily basis or a security guard in a retail store. You’ll only ever be good at your job if you know how to diffuse rowdy situations and deal with conflict in the right way.

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If you hold any of the positions mentioned above or are looking for a job in the security & protection industry, then this training is a must for you. It’ll look fantastic on your professional resume, while also making you more confident that you can do the job required.

What will you learn in our Conflict Resolution Training?

The Behavioral Analysis – Conflict Resolution Training course will be built around this idea of conflict. We all know that the broad definition of this is a disagreement or dispute between two different parties. However, conflict can arise in many various forms, and this is something you’ll learn about on the course. By the time you finish, you’ll be an expert in this field and know how to deal with tricky situations regardless of what’s happening.

Some of the main things you learn can be seen here:

  • Conflict in different contexts: as we just said, conflict can come in many different forms and contexts. Part of your job in the security & protection industry is learning to differentiate depending on the context of each situation. You’ll be taught how to handle these disagreements and clashes between individuals/groups depending on the context of the arguments. It shows you that there’s not just one method of diffusing a situation, but many!
  • Intergroup conflict: a lot of you will come across intergroup conflicts during your time as a security professional. This basically refers to disagreements or clashes between two or more groups. It can happen in schools with children, it can happen in public areas; it can happen anywhere. When dealing with two conflicting groups, you need to know the right way of handling the situation. This course will teach you just that.
  • Cross-cultural conflict: in this day and age you are seeing more and more examples of conflict between people of different cultures. This is a very sensitive topic as a lot of the arguments are born from cultural differences. On this course, you’ll be taught how to handle these conflicts as effectively as can be.
  • International conflict: similarly, it’s possible to be involved in international conflicts either at home or on foreign soil as part of your job. It’s imperative you know how to handle these situations, and you’ll learn all the ins and outs of doing so

What are the requirements?

The good news is, there are absolutely no course requirements at all. This is open to anyone willing to learn about conflict resolution training.

Duration: 24 hours

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