State Certificated Baton Training for your California Baton permit

This course teaches you the skills and abilities required to effectively carry a baton, as per the required of BSIS. You will receive hands-on training and experience with a baton. Are you interested in a career relating to the security services or emergency forces? If so, then you’re going to need to undergo various training before you become qualified enough to apply for these types of jobs. If you want to have a professional resume, then it’s essential you boast the right certifications and have all the necessary training under your belt. Here at Pacific West, we offer multiple training programs depending on what qualifications you’re looking for. One of our most popular offerings is the Baton Training & Californian Baton Permit program. It’s an extensive course that will teach you everything you need to know about carrying a baton. From tactical combat casualty care to emergency training; it’s all covered, and you’ll learn it as you proceed. If this type of course interests you, then please see below to get all the details and have a look at what you’ll be doing.

Who is our Baton Training course aimed at?

On this course, you will learn all the skills needed to carry a baton as per the requirements of BSIS. As a consequence, it’s a course that’s ideal for many different individuals. Primarily, this is aimed at people who want a job in security and protection. Perhaps you have ambitions of becoming a security guard and are currently gaining the right qualifications? This is a great string to add to your bow as it means you can be armed with a non-lethal protection aid on the job. Similarly, it’s great for security professionals that want to enhance their career and add more qualifications to their belt. Bodyguards will benefit from this training, as will school security guards. We also believe it’s perfect for retired military veterans that want to find a new job after leaving the service. By going on this course, you can gain a certificate that allows you to apply for all kinds of new jobs.

What will you learn?

Students taking part in this program will learn a whole host of skills and abilities that relate to carrying and using a baton. This includes the following:

  • Legal and moral responsibilities of baton usage Learn how to properly use a baton – a key part of this course focuses on the legal and moral responsibilities of baton usage. You will be taught how you should use a baton, the proper way to carry one, and what you can and can’t do with it.
  • Use of force you will also be taught how to use a baton with force if a situation ever arises where you need to defend yourself or other people around you.
  • Baton familiarization and its uses plenty of time will be devoted to ensuring you get to know your tool. During these teachings you’ll find out the many uses a baton brings as well.
  • First aid for baton injuries you will also be taught some medical training specifically relating to baton injuries.
  • Fundamentals of baton handling learn all the fundamentals of handling a baton, so you become a pro with it.

What are the program requirements for Baton Training?

There are only three primary requirements that all must be bet if you wish to sign up for this program.

  • Must have a current California Guard Card or be a Guard Card applicant
  • Must be 18 or older
  • Free from all felony and some misdemeanor convictions (call for misdemeanor disqualifiers)

What certification do you receive upon completion of the Baton Training course?

Everyone that finishes this program will be handed two brand new certificates. These will look very nice on your professional resume and can help you further your career in the security and protection fields.

California Baton Permit through BSIS

Duration: 8 hours

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