Learn Advanced Handgun Shooting Tactics with training at Pacific West Academy.

The Advanced Handgun Shooting Tactics Course is designed to test and reinforce the fundamental tools necessary for scenarios that security personnel are most likely to encounter. The skills learned are tied together with stress-based scenario-training.

If you’re looking for the best security training courses in California, then you’ve come to the right place. Pacific West Academy works in collaboration with trusted training providers to ensure you learn all the skills you need to become better at your job.

We offer Advanced Handgun Shooting Tactics Training that will certainly help anyone in the security & protection services. This course uses a combination of scenario-training, simulations, and general learning. If you’re keen to know more about this training course, then have a look at all the information below:

Who benefits from Advanced Handgun Tactics training?

A lot of security guards or bodyguards will have nonlethal weapons, but some are required to carry a firearm for added protection and safety. As a consequence, it’s vital that you learn how to use this weapon as effectively as possible. This course is designed to iron out your weaknesses and teach you how to use a handgun in tactical situations.

If you’re already a security guard, protection agent, or general gun enthusiast with intermediate weapon handling knowledge then our course is perfect for you. Likewise, it’s a good certification to have if you’re retired military or police and are thinking about a new job in your retirement years.

What will you learn?

As mentioned, this course is in collaboration with Israeli Tactical School. This is a well-known and respected counter terror & protection academy. So, you can be safe in the knowledge that everything you learn is delivered by experts that live and breathe these situations. The course structure is very much practical, and you will walk away with so much more confidence in your handgun wielding ability.

Some of the things you’ll learn include:

  • General Firearm inspection and operation: This is just a refresher for those who have not trained in a while or are unfamiliar with the weapons we use during the training.
  • Shooting fundamentals review: This is a top down review of shooting fundamentals to get anyone back on track if they have not been down their sights for some time.
  • Point-Shooting: Understanding the natural aim of a shooters body can aid in the shooting response time of a protector. A shooter has the ability to shoot accurately at short distances without using the sights. Each student will find their natural point of aim.
  • Trigger Reset manipulation: Each firearm has a reset point that when manipulated properly can allow for rapid fire in specific situations. Students will find this reset on their pistol and learn to rapid fire if necessary.
  • Immediate Action drills/ Magazine Changes: Immediate action drills and magazine changes are universal to most classes so this portion will be a review for most, but we will show you some tricks of the trade to make things a little easier, quicker and more reliable for these occurrences.
  • Limited Penetration: Students will learn techniques that allow for limited penetration when clearing rooms.
  • Executive Protection/ Active Shooter Response: As a protector you may have to draw your pistol with a client nearby. These drills will help you understand your space in a fight and maintain awareness of your client’s position at the same time.
  • Stress-based scenario-training: No course is complete without simulation training where you’re put in scenarios that are likely to happen in real life. Can you cope with pressure and stress? This is how you find out, and how you improve. These drills will be conducted with airsoft and UTM.

What are the requirements?

  • Free from all felony convictions
  • No active restraining orders
  • Minimum of five magazines and magazine holsters for your firearm.

Duration: 56 hours

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