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Michael Brown: A Close Protection Agent / Training Coordinator and Instructor at PWA

Posted June 25, 2020 by Pacific West Academy

Michael Brown: A Close Protection Agent / Training Coordinator and Instructor at PWA

At Pacific West Academy, our primary goal is to provide the best possible training to our students. From developing a comprehensive curriculum in executive protection operations to offering programs in Los Angeles and San Diego, we are always searching for more ways to create value for our students. The core of Pacific West Academy is comprised of the people who work every day to provide that training. It is for this reason that we take so much time to find the best possible instructors for our students.

One of those instructors is Michael Brown. Michael has an extremely impressive resume and he brings his knowledge and experience to his role at PWA. As you can see in the interview below, he is an outstanding example of the high-quality nature of our instructors, giving students the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry.

From Experienced Student to a Stellar Instructor

Michael has spent his entire professional career in the military or security sectors. He joined the U.S. Navy and was enlisted for a little less than 10 years. During his time in the Navy, Michael was a Master Explosive Ordnance Disposal (“EOD”) Technician and Special Operations team leader. Michael specialized in counter-terrorism operations with a Joint Special Operations Task Force, gaining extensive experience in things like surveillance and counter-surveillance, hostage rescue, and counter-weapons of mass destruction. As if that weren’t enough, Michael provided close protection for some of the most high-ranking officials in America, including the President and Vice-President.

Upon leaving the military, Michael was busy with government contract work before landing at PWA as a student.

“I did my research on all of the main executive protection schools available and Pacific West Academy had the most in-depth training curriculum and the most qualified instructors,” he said.

Before completing PWA’s 33-day executive protection training course, Michael did not have formal private sector close protection training. The only close protection training that he had was from his time in the Navy. That training, however, was primarily geared toward Diplomatic Security OCONUS. For as much experience as Michael has, he was excited to take on the 33-day EP course.

“The 33-day course was great,” he said. “[The instructors] were able to help me gain more in-depth knowledge on what is involved with protecting high net-worth clients in different environments and in different capacities.”

After graduating from the 33-day course, Michael began working as a Close Protection Agent for Advanced Security Concepts (“ASC”). Shortly thereafter, he also became an instructor at PWA, helping students learn firearm fundamentals and operations planning.

In his role as an instructor at PWA and a Close Protection Agent at ASC, Michael gets the best of both worlds. On one hand, he gets to plan and execute protection details in the field, blending his knowledge and experience from the Navy and PWA to provide complete executive protection for his clients. But along with that, Michael gets to pass his knowledge and experience along to a new group of PWA students. He is able to give back to a tight-knit and welcoming community that is always looking to improve their executive protection skills.

Ultimately, the 33-day course is an outstanding opportunity to jumpstart your career in executive protection training but, Michael argues that it is for those who truly want to develop an outstanding career in executive protection services.

“I would only recommend the course to individuals who are serious about working in the protection industry. The course is a lot of fun but it can also be challenging at times. The skills you learn while at PWA combined with the professional network that you can create allow for a leg-up while trying to find employment in Close Protection Field.”

Jumpstarting Your Career

Learning under instructors like Michael, you can jumpstart your career in the executive protection field. By staying focused and committed throughout the executive protection training program, you will be in a great position to serve your future clients.

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