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Executive Protection Specialist – Advanced Training Course

Posted August 30, 2018 by David Howell

Want to take your career in Executive Protection to the next level?

With advanced Executive Protection training from Pacific West Academy, you are just 32 teaching hours away from making that dream come true.

Our Advanced Executive Protection course aims to upgrade the executive protection capabilities of law enforcement personnel and executive protection security officers and train them to work as a security team (4 security officers) as well as awarding successful graduates with a more respected form of certification.

If you have previous experience as a member of law enforcement or an executive protection officer, look no further. Our Advanced Executive Protection Training course is the perfect next step for you. This course takes fundamental knowledge and builds on it to deliver excellent results. It provides practical training that will allow you to work as part of a security team in the future.

The course is instructed in collaboration with Israeli Tactical School. So, before continuing to protect others, why not protect your future by enrolling in this valuable advanced training.

Advanced Executive Protection Course Overview

As you’d expect from an advanced course, you will benefit from in-depth, specialist training that can serve as the catalyst for climbing the career ladder. We cover a wide range of subjects, eventualities, and procedures. You will complete the course with a comprehensive knowledge of the most advanced techniques in the executive protection industry while the certification is a valuable addition to your professional resume.

There are no areas of executive protection that this course does not cover in great detail. You will, for example, work on your fitness during the course. Training drills and “Box” drills are incorporated as standard. Moving into the specifics of security, you will also be taught how to plan, manage, and executive a three-car motorcade. You’ll receive instruction that will allow you to operate as part of the Counter Assault Team (CAT) vehicle when operating in motorcades. Expanding your knowledge even further, you will also be provided with a complete guide to planning and executing full security operations.

While the 32-hour course is challenging, the hands-on approach ensures that all students are guaranteed an enjoyable time too. After all, you’ll absorb so much more when the work feels rewarding.

We also recognize the importance of providing combat training to those undertaking the Advanced Executive Protection Training course. To meet this need, we offer two individual types of training. First and foremost, you will learn advanced hand-to-hand combat techniques. Secondly, the course will also provide a thorough grounding in standing and kneeling weapon deployment.

Overall, the level of instruction you receive will successfully build on your existing knowledge so that you are ready to seek a better job in the sector. It will provide you with an operational-level ability to perform the role of an executive protection officer. The Advanced Executive Protection Training course is incredibly complex and rich in detail. However, it also delivers the information in a simple, easy-to-understand manner that fully prepares you for an even better career in this sector.

Why choose Pacific West Academy?

• At Pacific West Academy, we are proud to be able to offer a number of financial resources to veterans. We believe that the courses we provide offer a route to secure, stable employment by building on the skills of former military personnel. We seek to try and ensure as many veterans are able to benefit from security guard training as wish to do so. We do this by offering a range of options that can provide the resources, and support veterans may require to enroll on our courses. If you wish to find out more about our veterans programs, please do get in touch or read more on our website about the opportunities that we have available.

• Pacific West Academy is an Advanced Security Concepts, Inc (ASC) company. ASC is one of the best-recognized names in the security industry. All of our students can be sure that they are learning from a company with a strong background in the security industry. In fact, the directors of ASC have over 80 years’ worth of experience in the security sector. They are thus well placed to know precisely what prospective security personnel require from training.

• As well as being part of one of the most recognizable security firms in the world, Pacific West Academy has a staff of qualified and certified instructors. These people deliver training courses to the highest standards. Our instructors are highly adept at delivering complex information in a manner that is easy to understand. They take their role as educators very seriously. Pacific West Academy has been able to assist 1,700 students on the next step in their career. It’s clear our instructors are doing something very right indeed!

Why not get in touch with us today?

We welcome all questions from potential students. Please do feel free to get in touch and we’ll do all we can to provide the answers you need.

When you’re ready to make a booking, just give us a call, and we’ll go through all the essential information you need to know. We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcoming you to Pacific West Academy to begin your Advanced Executive Protection Training. The road to a brighter future in the industry starts now.

David Howell

Pacific West Academy Coordinator

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