Tomer Israeli


Tomer Israeli

Director of Combat and Firearms Tactics

Served as Captain & team leader in a special recon unit - YACMAM Tomer is a certified Chief Security Officer in the Israeli "Shin-Bet" (Israeli Secret Service) and served in the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC as team leader equivalent to deputy Chief Security Officer. Tomer field of expertise is counter terrorism and diplomatic security include assets protection and dignitary of protection.

In 2013 Tomer founded Israeli Tactical School LLC and he is the architect of TAC (TM) program for civilian and law enforcement that combines hand-to-hand combat with tactical shooting for Active Shooter and Home Self Defense mission profile. The TAC (TM) program considered to be one of the most effective technique in the world, based on the Israeli Secret Service "Individual Warrior" concept, proven successfully for decades in the fight against terror.


Israeli National Counter-terrorism Academy - "Shin-Bet" (Israeli Secret Service)

*Chief Security Officer

*Special Agent counter terror and VIP Dignitary of Protection

*Range Instructor